Author: Simmer

How to Use Room Coolers?

In the hot summer months, keeping our living spaces cool becomes a top priority. While air conditioners have long been the go-to solution, room coolers offer a more cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative. Room coolers, also known as air coolers or evaporative coolers, provide relief from the scorching heat by cooling the surrounding air. In this […]

How to Make Juice in Mixer?

Making juice with a mixer? Isn’t that just throwing fruits in a blender and pressing the “on” button, you might be asking?  The search for the ideal juice may sound like the plot of a slapstick kitchen comedy, but it’s no joke! Whether you’re an expert smoothie maker or a novice, perfecting that fruity concoction […]

How Does A Roti Maker Work?

What is a Roti Maker? A roti maker is a type of kitchen tool used to make making rotis, the traditional flatbreads used in South Asian cuisine, easier. Usually, it is made up of two heated plates that press together to swiftly cook the dough and create soft, circular flatbreads. In countries where rotis are […]

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